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13th May 2009

4:16pm: Sledgehammrific wealth is the vision, Mike. It’s the vision.

1st January 2009

10:48pm: There are lots of good things in the world.


11th March 2007

4:59pm: A seven mile run in the early spring sun. Four and a half with my sweetheart, followed by kicking it up for the last bit. Followed by a surprise visit from Robin and Chris and the kids. And a cold beer. Life is good. Very, very good.

17th June 2005

9:25am: TBBIMS
There's Bubbly Baddness in my Soul like the Slime Mold in Dave's Back
And in my back of my fridge
I don't have to look very hard
To find that a frothin' mold deep in that cold
that billows and bellows all over my soul
and while I'm not sure about this ooze
or its goal
it sure did ruin my 'roni casserole!!!

-a Mike & Brian Collaboration
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